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Open your heart with a hot beverage. 

Every month we come around this circle to share a friendly space for dialogue, connection, and self-awareness in a pic-nic-like set-up.

We believe in the life-changing power of simple gestures – a prolonged hug, a herbal infusion made with love, observing the world mindfully, a quiet cry to release, or a word that comes exactly when needed.

We'll promote active listening with no judgment, allowing our hearts to speak – in silence or using words and observation.

We won’t try to fix the world, nor do we expect to find solutions to all problems. Instead, we shall allow our thoughts to flow, our experiences to be shared and acknowledged, and - who knows - shed a ray of light on a path that seems unclear. We may recognize traces of our own history as we hear others and feel the connection that goes beyond our individual experiences.

We strive for a diverse, inclusive, and democratic space for the whole human experience and you are welcome to join us whenever your heart feels the calling.

We'll be waiting for you. Coffee is bubbling.

About the facilitators:

Cristian, Nadia, and Thaise combine their different paths to create a middle ground for exploring our psyche and well-being. Using their broad experience from psychoanalysis, body-somatic work, cultural diversity and inclusion, meditation, and other traditional and holistic tools, they guide us in self-observation and comprehension of our body-mind-soul experience.

Important notes:

- Monthly circle facilitated in English.
- Limited spots are available. If you can't attend, please update your RSVP.
- Feel free to bring your cushion or mug to fill; bring a snack or beverage to share with the group.
- When arriving at the venue, find one of the hosts and make the payment before the session starts (Cash, Mbway, Revolut).

When: One Saturday per month at 11:00 a.m.
Where: Lisbon (specific location for each month)
How much: 10€ per person*

*If you are unable to contribute and want to participate, please send us a message.

Click here to join the Telegram group and get first-hand updates.

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