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Leitura de oráculos


Bring to consciousness the voice of your heart

We are all part of and came from the same source, Love. We are all interconnected by the energy that keeps the world moving, making the trees grow and bringing the rivers to the sea. The same energy that guides your path and mine, has the answer

to all of our questions.


Through the oracles, the Universe lovingly and with compassion brings to awareness the learning and the messages that your Self is ready to receive.


Tools of the physical world to enlighten our walk. 

60 - 70 min session: € 50

Online and in-person sessions in Portuguese, Spanish,

and  English. 

Mensagens do Universo: Serviços
The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly


William M. 


More than the cards had to tell me, there was Cristian. Even with my doubts and fears what really mattered to me was the way the cards were interpreted. Not only spiritual but also human exchange, of a person who gives his heart and kindness in trying to show and help to build other paths. Thank you, Cristian! 

Maíra F.


Cristian has wonderful energy, and in the oracle reading I didn't ask for anything specific, I let the Universe take care of bringing what I needed. And it was incredible, Cristian knows how to use words in a gentle and peaceful way that almost hypnotizes you, he gave me some messages that were useful not only on that specific moment but also for my whole life.

Tom M.


I want to leave on record that through the oracles reading I have had explanations that have made me see life in a more positive way. 
Cristian has the gift of energy and positivity, he interprets the cards so clearly that he seems to be reading your thoughts.

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