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I was at a point in my life where I was accumulating a heavy emotional burden. During the massage, I became aware of how tense every muscle in my body was and he asked me to let go with every subtle movement. I felt like I was in a meditation practice.
When the massage was over, I had a feeling of serenity and gratitude for allowing me this gift and I didn't want that feeling to end. His hands are very healing and loving. I highly recommend it!

Cristian has blessed hands. His massage let me go far, it was extremely light and invigorating. When it was over, I was relaxed for days because that session was like therapy. He goes through the body parts taking with his hand the tension that is stored there. I highly recommend this massage! Thank you, Cristian

Alejandra C. - Colombia

Luiza U. - Brazil

It was a great gift to have the cards read by such a sensitive person! and with that energy! I was surprised when the letter that matches the issues I need to understand and work the most jumped out of your hands to guide the other cards! So many connections!

A moment that made me access a state of deep relaxation, of abstraction of all thought, of the sounds and images around, and of being alone with me. It is like a meditation that begins with the external body and gently integrates with the spirit, promoting a sensation of absolute peace, serenity, and meeting with your inner self.

Flavia R. - Brazil

Camila W. - Brazil

It was my first experience with Thai massage, and I felt all its power in every inch of my body, it was intense and inspiring.

João F. C. - Brazil

My massage from Cristian was amazing! He made me feel totally at ease throughout the whole process and I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Felicity B. - England

Before Cristian touched me for the first time, he explained to me about the energy lines that govern my body. During the massage, I became more relaxed and with each touch, I felt the energetic blockages in my body, as he had told me. When I pressed on the lines, I immediately felt my body "breathe". 

I felt no pain and came out of the massage more disposed and lighter, my body seemed to lack the tensions that I was used to feel! I highly recommend it!

Bianca A. - Brazil

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