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Masaje Tailandés por Cristian Figueroa


Reconnect with your body's vital energy

Traditional Thai massage is a physical and spiritual healing practice connected with the essential virtues of Buddhism. 

Through stretching, postural manipulation, and firm pressure the energetic flow in the body is restored, generating deep relaxation, mental serenity, and emotional release. 

Traditionally, the massage is done on the floor, wearing comfortable clothes, and without the application of oils on the skin. 


90 min appointment: € 65

Home service and longer sessions on request (additional fee). 



Massagem Tailandesa: Serviços


  • Stimulation and increase of immune system cells

  • Improves blood flow

  • Promotes body awareness and postural alignment

  • Increase in joint flexibility

  • Deep muscle relaxation and dissolution of tensions

  • Stimulates sleep regulation

  • Improvement in the metabolism of the internal organs

  • Revitalization of the body and mood enhancement


  • Awareness and movement of emotions

  • Reduction of anxiety and stress (sedative feeling)

  • Induction of meditative state (dissociation of self)
    Mental clarity and connection with the present moment 

  • Integration of physical body, mind, and spirit. 

Massagem Tailandesa: Citação
Thai Massage by Cristian Figueroa


Diana V. 


Cristian has a great ability and wisdom in handling the body with the Thai massage.

I loved his technical finesse, which connects with tension release, rest and heart. He always took care of every detail in the session, from the atmosphere to what I needed. It's an incredible opportunity to come back to the body! Super recommended.

Sebastian V.


Nothing ever made me explore so many emotions and energies inside me. I understood burdens and obstacles that I hadn't let go of and at the end of the session I was another man. Receiving this massage was one of the experiences that made me know and recognize hidden spaces that, when opened, made me know myself in sensations, senses and experiences.  Being aware of those burdens to release them made me another person. 

Renata F. 


From the first contacts, I realized that he had a natural talent and an affection that seemed to massage the soul as well. Filled with love, care, and attention, Cristian manages to bring peace, tranquillity, and relaxation to body and soul.

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