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Hello and may I welcome to this Universe. I am Cristian, a traditional Thai massage therapist, veterinary doctor and neuroscientist.


My physical experience began in Colombia but from an early age I began to travel and explore the world. Today I find myself in Portugal.


My journey began through the sciences of nature and social behaviour. I found myself fascinated with the development and functioning of life and societies. Although I have always felt a strong connection with the spiritual world and the energy in the Universe, my own path has not been without doubt and I have wavered several times along the way.


Today I understand that everything has its own perfect timing and that life shows us with eternal patience, the places, the people and the precise situations that help us to awaken and return to our rightful home.


Since 2011 I have dedicated my energy to self-knowledge, meditation along with physical and emotional bodywork and in this space, together, we will find our path.


Your experience is my experience and I am honoured that we can walk together.


A strong and warm embrace. Soon we will meet again.


Cristian Figueroa

Massagem Thai by Cristian Figueroa
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